Creative – female market?

Before the merchant sells the product, it is often considered for the crowd, such as razors and male users will be connected together, flowers and skirts and female users will be combined together.
With the advent of the experience of the economy, more and more people like to customize the way to buy or choose goods. Everything from the beginning of the sensory experience into a concept structure.
If we put the mind closer and farther away, you will find that we need to find the change in the purchase of the crowd, in modern times, there will be more than 50% of the razor was bought by women after the male friends, and boys Do not you buy any female users to give female friends?
Thus, we should expand the thinking, more and more to consider the needs of users. For example, we should not consider the Garden sheds, Greenhouse, is a piece of furniture? More need for a beautiful appearance, no longer just a male user to buy it? Or is it that our car maker is not supposed to consider the pink car, not always just red, white, black, silver this tedious color?
I believe that once there are some pioneering, will win a better return on the market, people will therefore continue to talk about fresh products, the first to make a pioneering company, often will be remembered, just the first time on the moon People are as great as.

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