Who bring the coolest gadgets to NZ?

There are many cool sellers on trademe who can bring lots of cool gadgets to New Zealand.

Top one is kittypan

who start the business from 2005


2nd one is LX2001, he is more in cellphone area than others.


3rd is digitalera, he got the most feedback, however seems like he is not as good as before. still the old way to do the business.

next one is digitalboy, he is selling more big items than others. like phones etc.


there are many others, however kittypan got the most of popular products with 99.7% high rate feedback. compare with others, he is the lowest price on trademe as well. i heard they are starting to do their own website which allows $6.00 postage for unlimited items or order over $49.00 can be FREE SHIPPING. this is a really good news, the website is www.thegadgets.co.nz , it has a lot of products like ipad casesiphone cases and much much more.

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